Amazon Fulfillment

What is Fulfillment by Amazon?

Amazon offers the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, which helps retailers with storage, packing, and delivery. As a result, retailers no longer have to carry as much weight and have greater freedom in how they conduct business. The service enables vendors to deliver their goods to an Amazon fulfilment facility, where they are kept in storage facilities until they are sold. Employees at Amazon physically prepare, package, and send the item when an order is placed.

What we offer

Complete Prep

We aim to provide the utmost convenience for our FBA clients and with that in mind, we can handle most things. Whether it’s kitting, shrink-wrapping, QA, fixing removal orders, or something else – we’re pretty sure basheerbhai can help.

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Best Pricing

Not only do we give the best service but we also offer a great variety of pricing packages that are tailor-made to fit your budget

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Amazon Product Compliance

Amazon requires us to comply with its policies in order to enjoy its fulfilment facilities. Basheerbhai takes care of everything from repacking to labelling, to make sure your inventory meets all Amazon preparation requirements.

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Dedicated team

Our team here at basheerbhai wants to make your experience with us as pleasant and smooth as possible and for that, we provide the best and quickest service for your ease

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Advantages of FBA

Responsive customer service: On behalf of FBA sellers, Amazon’s
round-the-clock customer service management handles questions,
returns, and refunds.
Discounted Shipping Costs: Since Amazon has a relationship with the
delivery providers, sellers who use this service will be able to get a
lower shipping cost than they would if they sold on their own.
Less management cost: Amazon will handle all things like storage,
packaging and shipping which will reduce your investment since you
won’t have to rent a warehouse or hire any employees moreover, it
will save your shipping cost too.
Easy and simple to use: One of the best parts about Amazon
fulfilment services is that they are very simplistic and anyone can use
them and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with it.
Run your business from home: Another attractive feature of FBA is
that you don’t even have to get out of your house. You have to deal
with barely anything since Amazon handles almost everything from
shipping to packaging to handling customers.
Since we talked about all the good stuff now let’s talk about
the cons that come with all these pros.

Disadvantages of FBA

Amazon FBA costs money: Since amazon too is a business their goal
is also to make money to do this they charge a fee for their fulfilment
services. To reduce your Amazon storage costs, you will have to
make sure your goods sells quickly. As long as your inventory doesn’t
just “sit” and you are making sales, additional fees won’t apply.
Storage fees can add up if your stock is not moving as rapidly as you
would like.
FBA prep: to prepare your product for amazon warehouses can
prove to be a very tricky process. You may get Amazon’s instructions
on how to prepare and send your things to Amazon’s
fulfilment warehouse once you sign up for Amazon FBA. There is no
room for error given how tight these rules are. Your goods will be
rejected at the warehouse if it is not correctly labelled, which may
cause delays, irritation, and more effort. Therefore, it’s crucial that
you carefully follow the directions.

Importance of Fulfilment by Amazon FBA

Fulfilment by Amazon is something that has helped millions of people all around the world in starting their business on Amazon. It has also made the entire process easier for anyone who wants to start their own business. We can clearly see that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of FBA. However, when it comes to FBA prep and packaging as discussed above that is a more difficult process. Particularly, when you don’t completely know all the rules and regulations. This is where Basheerbhai comes in! We offer complete FBA prep and packaging to ensure that your products get processed without any delays.