Earn hundreds of dollars by selling on amazon

In our recent blog, we talked about establishing your online business in Pakistan on Daraz. However, if you’re looking to expand your business on a more international level then this article is the one for you. Amazon is a household name all over the world mainly because of its large revenue. It is also true that people make millions just by selling on amazon but not everyone is able to do so. Let’s see what you can do to ensure the success of your business on amazon.

Our Services


This service is for sellers who do not use FBA to store their products in the countries they ship to provide faster delivery to the end customer.


We want to facilitate you to publish new products and optimize offers within Amazon guidelines.


We will help with monthly, quarterly, or annual tax filing records and filing based on sales and returns.

Ad Optimization

We will help you increase the sales of your products by ensuring your ads reach the right audience who requires your product.


In order to establish your products in other countries, a translation is necessary. Our team will translate the content so that it can be sold internationally.

International Returns

We offer our assistance when a foreign buyer wants to return a product and make the entire process easier for you and the buyer.

FBA Preparation

A service that includes product labeling, bagging, storage, quality control, and package creation.

Ways to sell on amazon

Now it probably doesn’t come to you as a surprise that there is more than one way of selling on amazon. It is important to be aware of all the different ways to be able to pick out the best option for you.

Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is the idea of buying something and selling it for a higher price or, as many would refer to it, flipping. You can do this by looking for local clearance sales in retail stores near you and getting the products in a bulk for cheaper than you would normally find Arbitrage is difficult to scale, but it can be a great way to get started on Amazon.

Selling private labels

Selling a product under your own brand is very similar to buying and selling wholesale. The difference is that you are able to brand the product with your logo. This enables you to develop a brand name and brand recognition that may eventually boost sales. You can find out more about private labeling from our detailed blog on private labeling.

Get started on amazon

Now to get started you have to set up an amazon seller account on amazon seller central. It is a very basic process in which you simply have to enter your personal details and you’re done. Enter the product listing and mention all the specifications of the product that you want to sell make sure to use the right keywords. So your product can reach the correct audience and increase your average sales. Basheer Bhai offers services like no other company in Pakistan here we take care of starting your store on amazon and managing every single detail in the way that you want it to. We cover everything from helping you choose the right way of selling to sourcing your products we even take care of your marketing needs and provide SEO optimization for your ads. What more could you ask for?

Drop shipping

Amazon drop shipping is the latest trend in e-commerce. Drop shipping allows you to avoid having to be involved in the manufacturing process and can be started for a reasonable price.

Drop shipping is the practice of selling goods that are manufactured by another party. When a customer buys something, your manufacturer sends it to them, and you get a share of the sale. It’s as simple as that!

Reselling wholesale products

This approach allows you to sell on a much larger scale than arbitrage doe You go directly to the manufacturer and buy in bulk from them rather than a retail store that has already purchased products from one. When you sell, you get a lower rate and a larger profit. You can also begin with retail arbitrage and then transition to reselling wholesale products once you’re comfortable and aware of the products you want to concentrate on.

Shipment method

Now another thing that you need to decide is how your product will reach your

customer there are two ways of shipping products on amazon

  1. You ship your own products, FBM (fulfillment by merchant)
  2. Amazon takes care of the shipping, FBA (fulfillment by amazon)


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