There are many things to consider when sourcing products the entire process requires you to spend hours researching and trying to find the right and trustworthy suppliers to get your desired products well now you won’t have to spend hours toiling away to be able to source products from different countries at reasonable prices because basheerbhai will do it for you.

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How to source your product

You can source goods using a variety of techniques. The majority of e-commerce merchants
combine the four most common strategies: collaborating with a manufacturer, a wholesaler, a
drop-shipping service, and producing handmade goods.

Problems of sourcing from china

Let’s look at some problems with Chinese suppliers that you may encounter in different parts of the import process and how basheerbhai will solve all these problems. 

  • Slow response 
  • Low quality 
  • Uncontrolled production costs 
  • Your product is made by a company you don’t know
  • Communication problem
  • Supplier verification problem 

Our solutions

  • Find reliable and fast suppliers
  • Ensure high quality of products
  • Negotiate prices to fit your budget
  • Carry out random onsite checks to prevent any deception
  • A multi-lingual team, skilled in communication
  • Run extensive verification and background checks


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A beginner’s guide to sourcing

Sourcing is something that plays a vital role in the world of business and despite
the word being so commonly used there are some people who still aren’t clear
about sourcing and its basic knowledge

What is Sourcing?

To put it simply, Product sourcing is the process by which a business acquires inventory to sell.
You can look into manufacturers, wholesalers, craftsmen, and other types of producers and
businesses that generate merchandise for sale to obtain marketable inventory for your online store .

Outsourcing vs insourcing

Outsourcing and insourcing are two common ways through which sourcing is carried out the name gives
away some of the meaning Outsourcing is basically when you get your products sourced from a manufacturer or supplier that is
not a part of your company. It’s someone outside your company or organization hence the name outsourcing.
Insourcing is when you have a department within your company to provide any products you may need. This is done within the organization and although it gives you more control over your services it can also be very inconvenient for many companies to arrange an entire department for this purpose
which is why outsourcing is a better option particularly for new businesses

What is a sourcing agent?

With your present manufacturer or supplier, you can run into unforeseen issues like a
deterioration in product quality or missed delivery deadlines. You might think about hiring a
sourcing agent if you wish to stay away from issues of this nature. A sourcing agent is a person
whose main duty is to track down manufacturers and suppliers who can live up to your
standards. Agents from a sourcing firm or agency will assist you in streamlining your entire
business process.

What Basheer Bhai offers

Sourcing from China to Pakistan can be a tricky business from finding the right supplier so you don’t end up getting
defrauded to having your product delivered to you without it getting lost in custom clearance BasheerBhai is the
best choice if you’re searching for a sourcing firm that provides a comprehensive spectrum of sourcing services,
from supplier research to logistics, from product creation to shipment
Our organization provides complete sourcing, inspection, and quality services, reducing the amount of work you
need to do making your life much easier so all you need to do is to kick your feet back and relax while basheerbhai
takes care of everything for you.

Advantages of Product sourcing

Access to Highly Profitable Markets:
Businesses in the west need to look east and see the potential for profitability. Supply bases in
developing nations like Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil, South Africa, and many
more can produce exceptional for increasing profitability.
2. Increased Production Output:
The math behind getting goods from low-cost nations is straightforward since you can increase
output values thanks to significantly lower unit manufacturing costs. The apparent response is
to look for sourcing options in high-demand, low-cost markets like developing nations and rising

3Favorable Long-Term Results:
Your skills can be used to improve product offers if production costs are reduced overall and
operations are moved to less expensive overseas markets.
4. Advantages Over Key Competitors:
Your bottom line might be raised with the assistance of a trustworthy sourcing agent, allowing
you to diversify your offering of solutions. For instance, your business will undoubtedly
experience an increase in sales and efficiency if it uses a purchasing agent in Vietnam or China.
For the greatest outcomes, contact a reputable global sourcing service provider

Sourcing in Pakistan

World-class value-added textiles (garments, knitwear, and home textiles), leather goods,
carpets, medical equipment, sporting goods, furniture, gems, and jewelry are all produced and
exported by Pakistan.

Textile: Bed-linen, Kitchen & Bath wear Fabrics, Cotton & Cotton Yarn, towels, etc.
Leather: Tanned Leather, Leather Garments, Leather Accessories, Leather Gloves, Footwear, etc.
Surgical and Pharma: Surgical instruments, Diagnostic Equipment, Hospital Bed & Wheel Chair, etc.
Food & Ingredients: Sea Food, Processed Food/Ready to eat products, Fruits & Vegetables, etc.
Auto & Auto Part: Automotive, Auto Lubricants, Agricultural Vehicles, tires, etc.
Sports Goods: Soccer Balls, Cricket Kit, Hockey Sticks, Tennis Racket, Martial Arts Products, etc.
Home Décor: Handicrafts, Furniture, Carpets & Rugs, etc.
Gems and Jewelry: Gems and Precious/Semi-Precious Stones, Pearls, Finished Jewelry, etc.
Others: Cosmetics, Stationary & Hand Writing instruments, Herbal items, etc.