Warehousing Services

We work in a way where you can customize our services to your needs.
This way, we can support your import processes completely. We offer
operations such as storage, import customs
clearance, devanning and delivery to the end-user. We ensure your goods
are in safe hands until they reach their final destination.

Why Choose Us

Secured Warehousing

We provide safe storage in the regions of China. Our limited-access facilities are being monitored 24/7.

Inbound Logistics

We check your goods for damages and defects. We ensure that master files are correct and all products are stored accurately.

Inventory management

We support your inventory management to achieve low stockholding and high performance. You will have a personalized dashboard in which you have insight into your stock and goods flows.

There’s only 3 Easy Steps to the Whole Process

Buy Products From China

You can find a suitable supplier for your product from anywhere in China, negotiate payments and purchase the product of your choice.

Get Inventory Shipped To Our Warehouse

Fill out the inquiry form on our website. After confirming our DDP price, ask your supplier to ship the inventory to our Warehouse in china.

Receive Your Products Right At Your Door-Steps

Our team will gather all your products and ship them to your city. While handling all customs clearance and additional taxes the products will be delivered to your doorstep.



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Warehousing, the ultimate solution to all your
storage problems

Warehousing is a commonly used term it is particularly important in the field of e-commerce. This
article will cover the meaning of warehousing, the different types of warehousing services, and the
difference between warehousing and storage.

What is warehousing?

The act of keeping goods in storage before selling or distributing them further is known as
warehousing. Products are organized and safely stored in warehouses so that it is possible to keep
track of where they are, when they arrived, how long they have been there, and the quantity on
It may be possible for a small or newly established business to store its inventory at home until it
outgrows the location. If that is the case then the company will have to rent or buy a warehouse, or
consider outsourcing logistics to a third party, who will then store the inventory in their warehouses.
Products are kept in e-commerce warehouses until an online order is placed, at which point the
order is shipped from the warehouse facility directly to the customer. Before being shipped to a
storefront, inventory may be stored in a warehouse for some time

Difference between warehouse and storage

The terms storage facility and storage warehouse are frequently synonymous. But the two kinds of
storage spaces are very different compared to one another. Industrial or commercial uses are best
served by a storage warehouse. In contrast, a storage facility is used for both commercial and
personal purposes.
Transporters, producers, exporters, retailers, and wholesalers all use these warehouses. Even some
warehouses with climate control are available for the secure storage of perishable goods.

Private Warehouses

Any warehouse that is privately owned by wholesalers, distributors, or manufacturers is referred to
as a private warehouse. Additionally, major retail chains and online marketplaces have their own
privately owned warehouses.
They are generally a more expensive option as compared to public warehouses.

What are the various types of warehouses?

If you want to sell goods internationally, e-commerce warehousing is crucial, particularly if your
business is expanding quickly and you need more space to keep your inventory structured. Besides
that, you could also need a particular type of storage facility to fit your needs like a climate
controlled warehouse.
Here is a brief overview of a couple of the various warehouses and warehousing services

Public Warehouses

As opposed to other types of warehouses, public warehouses are owned by governmental
organizations and made available to businesses in the private sector.
You can rent out public warehouses for both professional and private purposes. If you run a small or
medium-sized business and want to temporarily store your goods, then public warehouses are your
best option.

What is a sourcing agent?

With your present manufacturer or supplier, you can run into unforeseen issues like a
deterioration in product quality or missed delivery deadlines. You might think about hiring a
sourcing agent if you wish to stay away from issues of this nature. A sourcing agent is a person
whose main duty is to track down manufacturers and suppliers who can live up to your
standards. Agents from a sourcing firm or agency will assist you in streamlining your entire
business process.

What Basheer Bhai offers

Sourcing from China to Pakistan can be a tricky business from finding the right supplier so you don’t end up getting
defrauded to having your product delivered to you without it getting lost in custom clearance BasheerBhai is the
best choice if you’re searching for a sourcing firm that provides a comprehensive spectrum of sourcing services,
from supplier research to logistics, from product creation to shipment
Our organization provides complete sourcing, inspection, and quality services, reducing the amount of work you
need to do making your life much easier so all you need to do is to kick your feet back and relax while basheerbhai
takes care of everything for you.

Government Warehouses

Government agencies directly own and manage these warehouses, which are a part of the supply
chain. Government storage warehouses usually have reasonable prices. However, if a company is
unable to pay their rent on time, the government has the right to sell the company’s assets to
recover the cost of their rent.

Smart Warehouses

In a smart warehouse, artificial intelligence is used to manage the storage, and fulfilment processes.
Robots and drones are used to perform tasks like packing, weighing, transporting, and storing goods.
This can also include management software.
Large companies use smart warehouses to prevent the possibility of human error and get speedy
order preparations.

Consolidated Warehouses

Another kind of warehouse is one that consolidates smaller shipments from various suppliers into
larger shipments before distributing them to customers.
Consolidated warehouses are a very affordable way of fulfilling orders, especially for small
businesses and new startups.
Consolidated warehouses are a great choice for e-commerce Small and medium businesses that are
just getting started.

Importance of warehousing

Most companies that manufacture, import, export, or transport goods must have warehousing
facilities. Although one may consider it to be a wasteful expense, it can actually help you save money
and increase your productivity. When an order is placed, the customer journey is not over. A
warehouse helps you keep better track of your inventory and guarantees that customers will receive
their orders on time, both of which increase your profits.
Warehousing is such an important job which is why you need to know where to find the right
warehousing services in Pakistan. Since Pakistan is considerably new in the field of ecommerce and is
still in development there aren’t many experienced and reliable warehousing services providers in
Pakistan yet.
Basheerbhai provides a solution to all your warehousing services too not just warehousing but
Basheerbhai is the answer to all your questions and services related to an ecommerce business. We
provide services from the very start of your ecommerce business till the very end.